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What did all you glamazons think of the winner of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race? 

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    2. tallyetnotshortperson answered: Raven should have won
    3. beforeevatherewasadam answered: Raven was robbed. Again.
    4. athensexposed answered: Raven deserved to win. That final outfit was flawless.
    5. quiet-storm-67 answered: i wish Raven , had Won, but New Some How It Would Go To Chad, They Are Both Fierce
    6. gothicfeverdream answered: it felt right, it felt, right.
    7. sailorspencer answered: I was just happy it wasn’t Shannel.
    8. softheartsafehaven answered: Raven was fucking robbed for the second damn timee
    9. monsterstargaga answered: Raven should’ve won. TBH
    10. astralconflagration answered: Raven was robbed.
    11. xevaughn answered: Raven was robbed.
    12. voraciously-shrewed answered: Should have been raven hands down!
    13. sharirin answered: Bleh
    14. retro-corpse answered: I hate chad. He’s so old school, he’s always the same, same style, same word, same movements. Raven should’ve win.
    15. hannahhot100 answered: oh gosh no!!! no chad orr shanel. ravven or juju shuldve won
    16. jose-valdovinos answered: Im so Happy It Was Chad But for a Split second i wanted Raven To WIn! I cant wait for the next season of All Stars!!!
    17. justlikethesea answered: What have liked Raven or Jujubee to win to be honest
    18. the-dame-got-moxie answered: Chad definitely deserved that title. Raven and Jujubee did too, but Chad has been in the business for 20+ years and she is PERFECTION.
    19. actualbomb answered: YES,YES,YES.
    20. mikestonem answered: I personally think that… it was unfair.
    21. mellehbeans answered: i still wish it was raven
    22. littlexmons answered: blah!
    23. ninevulvaeinashoebox answered: Raven got ROBBED again! It’s like they rushed all stars to give Chad a prize. We get it, he’s an ancient queen but he’s boring & lame!
    24. slaycunts answered: Unhappy. Raven should have won, 100%. Chad deserves it because of her experience, but Raven should have won based on talent and uniqueness.:P
    25. angryladies answered: Raven should have won. I felt like they just gave Chad the title as a consolation prize because she deserved Season 4 and Ru knows it
    26. chico-the-hippo-plushie answered: I think Raven should’ve won~~
    27. jxsway answered: Chad is sooo boring.
    28. barbarabatgirl answered: Chad’s good but Raven should have won.
    29. suckit-and-sea answered: Raven was robbed, once again.
    30. holdupsweetheart answered: Chad deserved it. Raven is a fierce queen but a shady bitch. We don’t want a shady queen of all queens!
    31. sarammedina answered: The queen I was going for didn’t win but the queen who deserved it did. Congrats, Chad!! <3
    32. lozzamwright answered: A lot of people guessed it by watching and studying the Adverts and that, It was obvious who was gonna win it but I wanted Raven to win! Alas
    33. loveherlikeegyptian answered: I’m glad Chad won! He deserved it! He should of won season 4, so Raven could of won this she was excellent last night.
    34. vornei answered: sad…
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      Chad didn’t deserve to win over Raven. Raven’s stand up was funnier, her runways were consistent, and she deserved to be...
    36. hiddlestonevanss answered: I’m very happy for Chad. He’s a legend. But Raven should have won..
    37. debrawrs answered: Boo. Raven should have won. I love the ‘new school’ drag way better.
    38. bloo-grass answered: I’ve loved Chad from day one, but it was so rigged for him. Raven really deserved it and they didnt even give her an elimination speech. :’(
    39. blueeyed-lasenza-addict answered: I like that Chad won but I think Raven should have won because Raven has improved more than Chad has. But that’s my opinion. You’re the boss
    40. mskitty79 answered: I call BULLSHIT, Raven should have won.
    41. monsterlogic answered: I think it should’ve been Raven to be perfectly honest.
    42. i-l0ve-to-laugh answered: Chad Michaels ♥ i’m so proud of him
    43. monsieurmcrib answered: Raven was robbed. Again.
    44. royalrasp answered: UNACCEPTABLE I AM SO UPSET IT’S RIDICULOUS
    45. disco-romance answered: I don’t why people think Raven should have won. He’s not a humble person or a legend like Chad is. Chad deserved it.
    46. ranapipiens answered: it was stupid, raven should have won after that challenges and lipsync.
    47. kowaiguppyzombie answered: BOOO RAVEN SHOULDA WON